Two-way Radio for business

We offer two-way radio coverage throughout the North-East region of Scotland, including the area around the coast from Montrose to Nairn and inland to the ski slopes of the Cairngorms. In some of these extremely remote areas of the region reliable communications are vital to businesses, local authorities and emergency services.

Airtime from £10 monthly

Speech Features:

• Person to Person calls
• Person to Group
• Mobile radio to public telephone network (PSTN)
• Mobile radio to private telephone exchange (PABX)

Emergency Features:

• Single button activation
• Clear down of blocking calls
• Emergency broadcasts
• Forwarding to nominated radio

Data Features:

• Data message to individual radio units or groups
• Text messaging to individual radio units or groups

Airtime from £10 monthly with pre-purchased radio.

Radio & Airtime packages from £22.99 per month

Motorola 4000 series is designed for users who require a high-performance two-way radio that provides advanced features and the latest digital technology. Including a day or night mode, giving it the flexibility you need to operate any time of day.

Features that will directly benefit your business:

• Emergency/panic button
• Best in class audio
• Built in scrambling to avoid eaves dropping
• Large full colour display
• Day/night mode display for easy viewing in dark environments
• Hand-portable radio has IP68 submersible waterproofing
• Hand-portable radio has a battery life up to 29 hours.

All plans includes a choice of portable or vehicle mount radio with unlimited talk time*

£22.99 per month on a 4 year lease

£24.99 per month on a 3 year lease

£29.99 per month on a 2 year lease

£6.50 Bolt-on per month across all plans for vehicle & asset location.


Salt Spreading vehicle

Whatever the weather, communications keep you moving

For the crews manning the gritter fleets across the North East of Scotland communications are a lifeline. They keep drivers and vehicles safe and allow planning teams to send units to the areas that need them most urgently.

Local authorities have to demonstrate to government that their responsibilities have been met and these systems allow them to show what quantity of grit has been spread, as well as where and when. The STG radio network collects this essential data, trasmitting it using the network.

Track Record

The communications network was first deployed in 2011 to bring wide area voice and data communications for Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils road services.

Aberdeenshire Council & Moray Council continue to rely on the STG Communications network to support critical services. Built for year round reliability and coverage the network has attracted other users and paved the way for us to deploy our wireless services throughout the region and beyond.

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