School office using low-cost VoIP service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) delivers voice communications using our wireless internet network. As a companion product to our broadband service you can make and receive calls using your existing landline phone without compromising on voice quality.

Low cost calls without any landline

Access the best in broadband from us; we’re cost effective and reliable. Then go further and add one of our call packages; all the clarity you’d expect from the best telephone systems without the excessive costs of a traditional landline on top of a broadband package.

• £50 connection charge
• £12 a month including 5000 minutes to 01/02/03 and UK mobile phone numbers
• Use your existing landline telephone
• Additional channels from £8 a month
• Voicemail and IVR features
• We provide an adaptor to connect your existing phone to our VoIP service

Our VoIP phone service is only available as a companion product to our broadband packages.


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