Our commitment to providing super-fast speeds is seamlessly integrated with Scot-Tel-Gould's unparalleled local customer service.

Experience the best of both worlds – lightning-fast internet connections coupled with the reliability and support that come from a trusted local provider. With Scot-Tel-Gould, not only do you attain remarkable speed, but you also benefit from a service experience that prioritises your needs, ensuring a hassle-free and satisfying connectivity journey.

Immerse yourself in the numerous benefits of seamless connectivity and elevated data transfer capabilities, all made possible by our cutting-edge fibreoptic and wireless services.

Together we have the track record, experience and resources to deliver and support wireless communication networks and solutions to local authority, public safety, military and leading national telecommunications providers.

Wireless Broadband Network

In 2011 STG built a Wireless Broadband Network throughout the towns and villages in the Grampian region of Scotland. This Core Network transmits our wireless signal across the whole of North-East Scotland. This extensive network serves over 50,000 people.

Fibre Broadband

Scot-Tel-Gould stands ready to be your exclusive fibre service provider in regions where Openreach fibre infrastructure has been deployed. Through the utilisation of the pre-existing fibre optic network, we deliver unprecedented broadband speeds, reaching up to an impressive 1Gbps, designed to meet and exceed your high-speed internet requirements.

Two-Way Radio for Business

The Grampian region of Scotland contains some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes of Western Europe. We provide two way radio coverage throughout the Cairngorms, from Montrose to Nairn. For these isolated communities our two-way radio services is an essential lifeline for council workers and businesses that require uninterrupted communications with personnel.

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

If it has value; track it. STG have the track record to demonstrate that we can enable you to track vehicles, personnel and other assets. We’ll use mixed technology tracking systems to provide for your fleet and your staff across all sectors; commercial, local government and emergency services.

Self Sufficiency

Some of our network node sites need to be self sufficient and we’re extremely proud to have implemented robust solutions using solar and wind technologies. The provision of communication services without external electrical supply makes delivery entirely ‘green’. This works best on lightly used sites but offers a smaller carbon footprint and the best in reliability.



Our heritage supplying engineering services to major broadcast transmission companies as well as wireless technologies for local authorities and public safety organisations across Scotland and the UK.

Each project adds to that expertise; so whether we’re working with telecommunications businesses, public service providers or broadcast network companies we’re adding to that knowledge base. Whatever we’re working with we’ve got the skills and the ability to take things to the next level. All these services are key stones for public life; we know that everything we do must operate in the most extreme conditions and provide the ultimate in reliability.

From a simple link connecting two buildings to a complex regional network using high data capacity radio network links; we can work at every level. We’ve a network of preferred suppliers, including Motorola; but we are keen to support you, our customer, if you’ve a preference for a specific product or product set. We can also provide support for the installation, commission of non-wireless solutions such as Free Space Optical links and Fibre Optic backhaul systems.

Gould Electronics

Gould Electronics

After years of service in the Royal Navy David Gould used his tri-trade skills and deeply learned focus to build his own communications business. Over the next two decades he used those electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering skills to create a national company working across the radio communications market. From a head office in Cornwall the Gould team of dedicated, professional experts who work to provide sales, service and hire to customers from just down the road or across the Atlantic.

At the heart of Gould’s are the core values of honesty, efficiency and expertise. These are the driving force behind our successful growth and sustained reputation. It is the family-based nature of our team that enables us to maintain an enviable balance between friendliness and commercial professionalism.

Our online presence is not a faceless internet shop; it’s our front door and shop window. Use it to get in touch; to talk to us. We listen carefully to your specific requirements and then provide a tailor-made solution that is specific to your radio communications needs. We want 100% customer satisfaction and we are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve just that.

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