All your Broadband and VoIP phone questions answered

Essentially no, we can put up 4m poles without any permission, just like a Sky installation.

In most cases an upgrade from 20 to 50Mbps requires no changes. In some cases we may need to replace the antenna for a larger one.

Scot-Tel-Gould engineers have advanced software tools to analyse your location and determine if you are within an existing coverage area and to determine what speeds you will be able to receive. Please call to discuss what options you have - 01224 471335.

Take a Look at our Wireless Broadband Coverage Map

Once we have confirmed line of sight, we normally install within 2 weeks, at most a month, assuming a standard installation.

Yes, we essentially replace the physical BT line with a wireless link. So the broadband connection and phone works in exactly the same way as a traditional BT connection.

You are given access to the full purchased package speed. However, this can be affected during peak hours where you might notice a slight reduction in speed.

To report a fault please call 01224 471335 or if you are not offline, please email

We have 24/7 monitoring so we are aware if there are any issues. Our network has been developed to be as resilient as possible.

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If you have any questions, please contact us, either fill in the form or call us - 01224 471335.

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