Broadband for Schools across North-East Scotland

Scot-Tel-Gould work across North-East Scotland to provide fast reliable broadband to almost every imaginable setting. In excess of 650 locations, over 7,800 square kilometres, on site at more than 170 schools, almost 4,000 kilometres of wireless connectivity.

Super High speeds up to 2Gbps

Internet connections or LAN extensions (interconnecting multiple sites) as well as static IP addressing.

• No landline required
• Flexible contracts
• Unlimited data subject to fair usage policy
• Subject to availability and a successful survey
• Low latency (i.e. good for streaming Open University & BBC Bitesize rescources)
• VoIP Telephony available

Superfast High Speed packages are tailored to each individual customer.


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How does it work?

The link infrastructure is extensive for us to be confident that it is linkable for any potential new subscriber.

How does our Wireless Broadband work?

Scot-Tel Gould is a Wireless Network Provider. Rather than using traditional telephone cables we use a network of aerials.

A Core Network of aerials transmits our wireless signal around the whole of the Grampian Region. From that we draw the signal into each community, and then onwards to each home, business, government building or school. Speeds are between 20Mbps and 1Gbps throughout Aberdeenshire and the county of Moray. There is considerable availability to link to the network within urban areas, but we can supply to an unrivalled number of rural locations too. Very often in these remote locations we can deliver high performance where conventional infrastructure is not cost effective.

Community Access Points

Relay points are central to this; they help transmit our signal onwards throughout the area. Community Access Points are the next link in the chain; here is where we install a transmitter aerial as well as a receiver aerial. These are the points where the network is relayed onto other areas. The whole aerial array is small and discreet. Generally, these aerials are installed on village halls, farm buildings and, more frequently, commercial premises and council offices. If our network is not currently available in your area, then relay sites usually provide a cost effective solution to link into the network.


Any premises can apply to become a Community Access Point, and in return we have an incentive scheme to recognise your commitment.

Whether you are a business owner, a town or village representative, or a frustrated individual who is desperate to get superfast broadband – start the process and we’ll help you do just that! We don’t ask you to do any of the selling; we just need you to tell us that you want to access the network and we’ll take it from there. Reduced connection rates are offered to customers who put us in touch with neighbours and friends who sign up at the same time.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to discus hosting a Community Access Point, please contact us, fill in the form or call us - 01224 471335.

Accreditations for Cyber Essenstials and BSI 9001 QAS QAS Group Cyber Essentials