Tracking Application for all types of devices

Meet your duty of care to your staff and manage your fleet using tracking. It lowers costs, improves safety and reduces wear and tear.

Tracking for Vehicles and Personnel

The mixed technology tracking systems that we developed works for both vehicles and individuals and are widely used by local governments and emergency services. STG can help you track a lone worker to an entire workforce, one vehicle or a whole fleet.

• Real time tracking works through cellular LTE, 3G, 4G and WiFi via Broadband
• Real time tracking is also available for use on Private Mobile Radio networks
• Record vehicle and/or personnel entry and exit times from geofenced areas
• Track home to business mileage by using RFID & geofencing
• Driving data; current, historical data & alarms
• Provides first rate lone driver and worker protection
• Supports multiple users with different permissions across your organisation
• User friendly web-based application from any PC or smart device
• 3 year warranty on all items

Tracking brings efficiency savings as it helps you with day to day operational planning..


We already provide professional tracking services for hundreds of assets in and around Aberdeenshire.

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