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Our wireless network solutions deliver connectivity like wired for your business premises. At Scot-Tel-Gould we specialise in the installation and management of bespoke Wi-Fi and wide area networks across North-East Scotland.

Whatever the size or complexity of your operational area, we offer the solutions and expertise to help you get connected with a private and highly-secure Wi-Fi network that’s just right. Our engineers will carry out a site survey to establish your needs and design a bespoke Wi-Fi network that is tailored to your requirements. We understand that clients require ‘future-proof’ investments, so we design all our Wi-Fi solutions to be highly scalable, using only the highest-grade components.

Our business Wi-Fi solutions ensure your wireless networks are built around your individual company’s needs.

Whether you’re a small business or a corporate facility with hundreds of employees, modern businesses are now heavily reliant on a stable, fast Wi-Fi connection. Strong connectivity and access to cloud services are changing the modern workplace, and keeping staff and customers connected has never been more essential. Even when clients or visitors come to your site, they will need to be able to access a secure guest office network.

Guaranteed Business WiFi Coverage

Our business Wi-Fi solutions consider many variables - premises size, layout, building construction plus the type of devices connecting to the company or office network. Whether it’s network congestion, other obstacles, or interference that could affect signal levels; our engineers will take this into account when designing the network.

Applications such as VoIP, video and certain audio applications can require prioritised and guaranteed bandwidth to run effectively. Our networks can be fully optimised to give quality and priority of service for any application. We can then constantly manage and monitor performance via our monitoring software allowing us to make any changes to your network instantly. The team can also create a specific cloud-based controller for you with full or read only access should you wish to manage the network or have visibility.

Beam steering (ensuring devices have the best possible signal)

Instead of a traditional Wi-Fi router scattering the wireless signal in all directions and hoping your device picks it up, our routers instead focus the signal to where the devices will be. Beamforming or Beam Steering will create the beam and manage its direction; to create an accessible signal as users move, such as when shifting from one desk or office to another.

Cloud-based or on-premises software platform for secure, end-to-end network control

All the devices we provide are capable of being managed and monitored for performance via our cloud-based monitoring, allowing us to make any changes to your network instantly or see any faults that may be occurring. Our wireless network manager simplifies device management by offering full network visibility. View and perform a full suite of wireless network management functions in real time. Optimise system availability, maximise throughput, and meet emerging needs.

Wi-Fi Management Tools

The engineering team will design and install a business wireless network that guarantees coverage and capacity to agreed levels, ensuring all devices receive a fast and stable connection. Regardless of the size of your premises, we have the perfect CCTV systems from respected manufacturers.

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