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Broadband for Everyone...

Our commitment to providing super-fast speeds is seamlessly integrated with Scot-Tel-Gould's unparalleled local customer service.

Scot-Tel-Gould work across North-East Scotland to provide fast reliable wireless and fibre broadband, with speeds between 20Mbps and 1Gbps to almost every imaginable setting. In excess of 1,400 locations, over 7,800 square kilometres coverage. Presence at more than 170 schools, almost 6,500 kilometres of wireless links and increasing rapidly. The network is widely used by multi-national and regional businesses both on site and for home working, for local councils providing the framework for critical services as well as schools and residents.

20Mbps Packages Suitable for Homes and Small Businesses

20Mbps Packages

Suitable for Homes and Small Businesses

Unlimited broadband; great for essential browsing, uninterrupted Netflix, emails, social media and gaming - download an HD film in 10 minutes.

• No landline required
• 12 month contract
• Unlimited data subject to fair usage policy
• Installation fees apply
• VoIP Telephony available
• Low latency (i.e. good for gaming)

£30 per month inc. VAT.

For symmetrical speeds of 20Mbps.

Discounts available for referring friends or neighbours.

50Mbps Packages Suitable for Homes and Small Businesses

60Mbps Packages

Suitable for Homes and Small Businesses

Ideal for higher usage, supporting multiple streams & multiple on-line gamers, delivering 4K TV/Sky Q and HD movies - download an HD film in 4 minutes.

• No landline required
• 12 month contract
• Unlimited data subject to fair usage policy
• No up-front installation fees with R100**
• VoIP Telephony available
• Low latency (i.e. good for gaming)

£46 per month inc. VAT.

Up to 60Mbps download &
up to 40Mbps upload.

** No up-front installation fees with the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme.

We bring together science, engineering,
and a passion for communication.

Our network keeps on growing to meet demand, helping you to make sure that the numbers always add up.

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We have the right solution for all your online lives

Our communications network connects you; to business and family, to shops and essential services, to education and leisure.
We work harder to bring you the power of information.

High Speed Broadband for a better shopping experience

Online Shopping

  Loading Time

Groceries or high fashion, homewares or DIY; we can help you beat the queues and make the most of your free time.

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Streaming your favorite box-sets

HD Streaming

  Video Quality

Catch up on the latest movies or binge on a box set. Our broadband packages give you capacity for everyone.

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Virtual on-line Gamming made possible

Online Gaming

  Low Latency

Multiplayer or adventure games, the latest and greatest or the tried and tested. We can keep you in the game!

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VoIP Voice over IP calling

Home VoIP Calls

  Speech Quality

Take your time, there’s no longer any rush and you’re not tying up the line either. Stay in touch and share all your news!

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Connecting from home of office with video links

HD Conferencing

  Picture Quality

Working from home’s no longer a chore when you can stay in touch with colleagues and contacts around the world.

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Low cost VoIP services with STG Broadband

Business VoIP Calls

  Speech Quality

Cut down on call costs without sacrificing reliability or call quality. Stay in touch with your team wherever they are.

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Productivity increase with speed of broadband

Efficiencies of speed

  Speed Rating

Make lag and latency a thing of history. For many our connections are faster than their landline competitors.

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Smart Speaker with highest quality of sound because of high-speed broadband

Smart Devices


Whether it’s lighting or heating, screens or washing machines our WiFi brings it all together in the best possible way.

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Give us a call: 01224 471335

If you live or work in North-East Scotland
we’d love to speak with you about supercharging your digital world.

Business Wi-Fi systems for North-East Scotland

Wi-Fi Systems

Wi-Fi is where technology meets science fiction, delivering what, until recently, seemed to be a distant fantasy. Whatever the setting you work or play in we can help make sure that solid engineering brings your dreams to reality.

Wi—Fi connectivity supports learning and commerce across Scotland, helping our business compete on an international stage.

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Business CCTV systems for North-East Scotland

CCTV Systems

CCTV is your eye everywhere, and it is extremely flexible. CCTV coupled with modern devices and broad ranging access keeps you in touch with the situation as it unfolds. In retail park or on the farm; we can help you manage your working environment

From the comfort of your office or even your home, our systems will keep the information flowing to where you are.

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